From 28 June to 1 Jul 2022, our colleague Ioana Cortea, attended the 5th International Conference on Innovation in Art Research and Technology (inART 2022), held in the Campus Pierre et Marie Curie of Sorbonne University, in Paris. Within the Poster Session, Ioana presented two papers:

New insights into the materials and painting technique of ancient wall paintings from the Roman province of Dacia: an integrated multi-analytical studyI.M. Cortea, O. Țentea, B. Olteanu, L. Ghervase, L. Ratoiu

Characterization and differentiation of earth pigments from various geological sources by means of complementary spectroscopic techniques and principal component analysisI.M. Cortea, L. Ghervase, R. Rădvan, G. Serițan