A new paper has been published by our team in the open-access journal Heritage (MDPI). The article, entitled “A Web-Based Platform for 3D Visualization of Multimodal Imaging Data in Cultural Heritage Asset Documentation” belongs to the Special Issue – Building Information Modelling (BIM), Digital Twins and 3D Web Exploration for the Management, Enjoyment and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, and can be found at the following link: https://doi.org/10.3390/heritage6120387.


Complex demands in the field of cultural heritage preservation often require a multidisciplinary approach and substantial volumes of multimodal data integration and management. The conventional approach to tackling these issues revolves around using different H-BIM (historical building information model) solutions. This paper presents a prototype for a web platform that moves closer to the idea of a digital twin for physical cultural assets. Based on a light development framework, it is designed for online open access and features a versatile custom 3D viewer for intuitive interaction with the presented data. The concept requires a workflow similar to the video-game industry’s 3D asset optimization to generate highly detailed 3D models and to facilitate the display of multilayered imaging data. The technological stack features a minimal MVC architecture framework and front-end stylesheets. It is designed to be independent of specific databases, enhancing portability for potential future open-source releases. Moreover, the platform employs WebGL libraries to create a dynamic 3D environment interaction. The capabilities of the web platform were tested in a case study regarding the documentation of an important 17th-century church in Romania. Further developments and current limitations of the platform are also discussed.