From 12 to 16 September, our team attended ๐—Ÿ๐—”๐—–๐—ข๐—ก๐—” ๐—ซ๐—œ๐—œ๐—œ (๐—Ÿ๐—ฎ๐˜€๐—ฒ๐—ฟ๐˜€ ๐—ถ๐—ป ๐—–๐—ผ๐—ป๐˜€๐—ฒ๐—ฟ๐˜ƒ๐—ฎ๐˜๐—ถ๐—ผ๐—ป ๐—ผ๐—ณ ๐—”๐—ฟ๐˜๐˜„๐—ผ๐—ฟ๐—ธ๐˜€), one of the most prestigious international conferences in the field of photonic techniques for diagnostics and conservation-restoration of cultural heritage. The conference was hosted by CNR in Florence and CERTO contributed with 5 presentations in 2 sections of the conference:

๐‘ƒโ„Ž๐‘œ๐‘ก๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘–๐‘ ๐ท๐‘–๐‘Ž๐‘”๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ ๐‘ก๐‘–๐‘๐‘  ๐‘œ๐‘“ ๐‘ƒ๐‘Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘†๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ๐‘“๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘’๐‘ 

โ€ข The secrets of old masters: investigating the pigment mixtures and layering techniques in two paintings by Lucas Cranach the Elder and his workshop, presented by Ioana Cortea

โ€ข Assessing the usefulness of laser-based techniques for evaluating the biocleaning of mural paintings, presented by Luminiศ›a Ghervase

โ€ข A new open source spectral library of art-related materials as a digital support tool for cultural heritage science, presented by Ioana Cortea – awarded 2nd Prize Best Poster Presentation

โ€ข Multianalytical approach for removal of thick layers of metallic overpaints from a Brancovan iconostasis, presented by Monica Dinu

๐ฟ๐‘Ž๐‘ ๐‘’๐‘Ÿ ๐‘ก๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘š๐‘’๐‘›๐‘ก๐‘  ๐‘œ๐‘“ ๐‘“๐‘–๐‘๐‘Ÿ๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘  ๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘ ๐‘š๐‘’๐‘š๐‘๐‘Ÿ๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘  ๐‘š๐‘Ž๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘Ÿ๐‘–๐‘Ž๐‘™ ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘“๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘ก๐‘ 

โ€ข Advanced techniques for conservation and restoration of textile Cultural Heritage objects, presented by Monica Dinu