PEGASUS: Product for smart correlation of airborne GPR and imagistic data in to a multi-layered package


February 2020 – December 2021


This project aims to create a pilot product that correlates aerial and geophysical images (GPR) to investigate with high accuracy not just the soil’s surface, but also its subsoil, generating a product with large applicability in cultural heritage domain. Precisely correlated and mapped data can be used to investigate extended archeological sites, historic monuments, in civil engineering, etc.

The product it’s obtained by using the data delivered by an innovator system that includes two main elements: an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), capable of remote detection (LIDAR, multispectral,thermal and high resolution camera) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) enhanced for the project to be used from air. In-site measurements will be done on specific case studies with the agreement of Romanian museums, associations and foundations. The data correlation package will be validated by a validation committee consisting of international specialists and delegated experts who have already   manifested their interest through application letters. 

The output of the project will increase the competitiveness of the economic environment by assimilating the CDI results of the research organization and transferring these results to the market. The project is using an original software solution, certified by INCD as a result of extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of problems in this field (investigations/documentation campaigns conducted on archaeological sites and historical monuments) which brings a significant added value, valuing the previous experience and knowledge accumulated. The product is up to date with latest cultural heritage digitization trends (eg. European Project DIGICULT) and with European platforms like ARCHLAB,DIGILAB and MOLAB, making it suitable for both national and international markets.