Microclimate Control in Bran Castle Building

 20?? – 20??


This site will publish the scientific results from one of our recent collaborative projects – Microclimate Control in Bran Castle Museum – which involved a group of strong and committed partners. The project combined high-quality research, collaboration between engineers, art-historian / restorers, biologists, ecologists, chemists. The project is an excellent exemplar of how the three strands of sustainable development – social, economic and environmental – fit and support together.
          The project will control and will improve indoor air quality, selection of the proper heating system and the use of resources within buildings devoted to our cultural heritage. This research is capable of wider exploitation and show us more about the deposition of pollutants and the impact of ventilation rates on indoor air quality. Air pollution can attack heritage materials. Deterioration is usually slow and progressive but prolonged exposure can cause severe damage.
          Work will follow few main steps that concord with :

  • Step 1. Consider the different types of materials, and the pollutants which may affect them.
  • Step 2. Determinate the pollution characteristics of the microenvironment of objects and the external environment.
  • Step 3. Determine what if any action is required .