World Wide Open Workshopwith Advanced Techniquesfor Cultural Heritage

Program Partenerships in prioritary domains
Code: PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3.2-0356
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Project Partners

The consortium as a whole.

The participants, a Research & Develpment national institute (INOE 2000), an University (U.N.A.B.) – educational and professional national authority, a SEM company (SC MARCONT SRL) from the IT economical field, are owners or specific volume of knowledge, represented as unitary distinct small volumes in the image. They compose their maximum competences, represented by each volumes’ diagonal. The model in this figure has also a mathematical significance. Each diagonal has maximum length that could have an inside vector (1.73). The right positioning and orientation of partners contribution will generate a multiplied resulted vector (3). The model shows how the project composes the smaller contribution of each partner for a new volume of knowledge and consolidates a specific pluri-disciplinary domain.

Coordinator's strong points

Advantages in the consortium

  • Versatile correlated scientific infrastructure development concept – that asure multiple collaborations, and various materials investigation
  • Application (end-user) oriented endowment (knowledge, human and technical resources);
  • The complex digital model of physical and chemical characterization was several time elaborated and confirmed as distinctive output of CERTO correlated scientific data.
  • High mobility due to its own mobile laboratory
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Key persons

INOE 2000 - Coordinator
  • Roxana Radvan
  • Laurentiu - Marian Angheluta
U.N.A.B. - Partner
  • Maria Dumbravician
  • Daniel Dochia
  • Silvia Ghilmeanu

INOE 2000

National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics INOE 2000

Centre for Restoration by Optoelectronic Techniques, as department of INOE, new ICOMOS-Romania member, carries out researches on advanced techniques for artwork restoration & conservation.


National University of Art in Bucharest

By means of its proposed programs, the National University of Arts offers the possibility of assimilating the specific language of visual arts through a constant study of natural and cultural models.


SC. Marcont SRL

Benefits of a proven experience across a range of industries, experts in reliable a high quality solutions, driving efficient management of IT spend, delivering standardized and complex solutions.