Our laboratories


Our lab is fully equipped with non-invasive and non-destructive methods of investigation and diagnostication ranging from physico-chemical analysis to high resolution imaging.

Laser cleaning

Since 2004 we’ve introduced this laser cleaning method to the Romanian restorers as a non-contact method for stone and polychrome surface cleaning.


Since 2006 we have been a constant presence in the 3D digitization world with laser scanning and 3D printing. Since 2015 we have included photogrammetry (both terrestrial and aerial) in our digitization workflow.


The mobile laboratory was developed in 2008 and was designed and tailored based on the needs of an in-situ open laboratory fully equipped with state of the art methods for investigation, monitoring and documentation of a wide range of cultural heritage assets. 


This is our latest lab, including a professional aerial survey UAV with four different imaging sensors, hyperspectral sensor and a X-Ray imaging complete bunker.