Special Issue in MineralsCharacterization and Provenance of Archaeological Materials Using Multi-Method Analysis, Guest Editors Dr. Luminița Ghervase, Dr. Monica Dinu, and Dr. Ioana Maria Cortea. Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15th of June 2023.

Special Issue Information:

Archaeological objects allow us to look back into history. Each artefact carries within itself important information regarding not only the object itself, its crafting technique, and the social traits of humans at a certain point in time, but also about what it has been subjected to from the moment of creation until its discovery. Knowing about our past gives us the chance for a better future. It is no wonder that people have tried for many years to gain a better understanding of our past through the multi-method analysis of archaeological objects. However, we live in a time when science is advancing rapidly; so, when talking about the characterization and provenance of archaeological objects, what methods should one choose? Is there one or a few techniques that can offer a complete understanding of all things related to the archaeological material, or is this a multi-faceted question that has no definitive answer? We hope to gather a collection of top-level scientific papers that can shed light on the current status and future perspectives in terms of complex and complete characterization and provenance of archaeological materials. Both original research articles and reviews are welcome for this Special Issue.

Manuscripts should be submitted online at www.mdpi.com by registering and logging in to this website

Keywords: archaeology, archaeometry, cultural heritage, provenance, dating, spectroscopy, metal, ceramics, stones, sediments, glazes, glass, geochemical tracers, burial environment