INFRA-ART: Spectral data mining for material identification, chemical fingerprinting and forgery detection of painted works of art


September 2020 – August 2022


The project proposal is fostering innovation and knowledge advancement in the field of heritage science, with a specific focus on the scientific examination of painted works of art. The project exploits an existing high-top infrastructure and proposes a multi-analytical experimental approach that combines targeted spectroscopic techniques with state of the art macro-imaging analysis. The specific objectives of the present project are as follow: (1) complement in plane information with in depth data by integrating multiple spectral and imaging techniques in order to obtain an extended view of the creative process and of the various materials that were originally used to produce a painting; (2) investigate complex paintings and highlight unique technical features, characteristic patterns or typical fingerprints that may be used for attribution and forgery detection; (3) combine various processing steps and data mining techniques for automatic classification and identification of painting materials; (4) improve the range of existing services by developing new analytical packages dedicated to the art market and cultural heritage field.