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    Dynamic Parameters of the Endless Column

    Titlu articol: Dynamic Parameters of the Endless Column

    Autori: Emil Sever GEORGESCU

    Nume revista: UNESCO Chair Ecoland Workshop

    Numar: 2004


    Data aparitiei:Martie 2004

    Cuvinte cheie: Endless column, Gate of the Kiss.


    The Endless Column was erected in 1937 at Targu-Jiu, in a seismic and wind-prone zone, according to Brancusi’s direct guidance. Technical solution belongs to Stefan Georgescu-Gorjan (1905-1985), who was the chief engineer of the team of specialists and workers on the site.
    The column consists of 17 double truncated pyramid modules in cast iron, threaded on an internal structure made of steel profiles. It is a guilt structure of 29.33 m height. In 1983 and 1984, INCERC investigations were carried out, and the condition of the column, of the core steel and the exterior cast iron modules were checked, while its fundamental dynamic characteristics were determined by calculation and experimentally, using seismometers.
    After a highly debated and biased decision, in 1996 the Endless Column was dismantled, restored and reassembled in 2000. Comparison of dynamic measurements made by INCERC in 1984 and by others in 2000, as well as all physical testimonies, are proving that the INCERC measurements of 1984 and conclusions were close to the reality, they correctly indicated that the core situation was not as critical as claimed by some consultants and the dismantling of 1996 was arbitrary.
    Such a situation could have been avoidable if the advise of properly chosen scientists would have been taken into account. Thus, the advanced theoretical and experimental methods can help the structural health assessment of heritage items, and conservation decisions, using instruments and laboratory tests.


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