The qualitative and quantitative scientific investigation of artworks materials evolution is revealing just information. Without a proper interpretation of the data, the collection of experimental data will be in fact a simple data mining. Based on long experience accumulated on cultural heritage preservation, restoration and conservation, scientific investigators are now trained to make relevant interpretations and are challenged for the next tremendous step: simulation and prediction in relation with contemporary art physical evolution.

This section is focused on those who put the notions into action: the artists. The aim of the speeches, round tables, free discussion is to get a view on what materials, whether they traditional or cutting-edge, technique, durability etc. mean to the artists and how they use them in order to create a personal and specific language, whose purpose is expression and message. Artists that have approached various mediums and materials will put a light on their way of working, dissecting the physical part of creation. Does the subject require a certain technique, is it or not influenced by that technique, does the material start the creation process or is it a barrier, what do we understand by personal technique, are some of the points to be hit in this section. Last but not least we wish to discuss the meaning of durability form the contemporary artists point of view: is it important for the contemporary artist, in a time focused on speed, fashion and change, or is it a burden, a commitment or an unnecessary issue, does it imply conceptual or even philosophical problems? We always tend to look at ART downward and externally, here we try to look upward from the inside.

In the last years the discussions regarding contemporary art are more related with the idea of exhibiting, expertise, collecting and preserving. To exhibit contemporary art and the ways of conceiving and doing exhibition became almost a science, and from this all the problems regarding the collecting and preserving this type of art. This conference will bring together the most important specialist from the primary and secondary market – curators, gallerists, auctioneers, evaluator, art experts and art advisers, collectors. There are the specialists that forms and sustain the art system.