Working directions

our research directions!

Laser Cleaning for Restoration

  • 2D high precision laser cleaning methods and techniques (MicroLASER x - y)
  • 3D high precision laser cleaning methods and techniques (MicroLASER x - y - z)
  • Holographic on-line microscopy control of laser induced material removal for artworks restoration

Microclimate Control for Cultural Heritage Protection

  • Measurement and interpretion of relative humidity and local temperature of the air in old buildings and museums
  • Pollutants effect and their control
  • Microbiological decontamination studies
  • Wall humidity determination

Investigations and Diagnosis

  • High resolution multispectral investigation (UV + VIS + NIR)
  • Thermovision
  • Spectrography (190nm - 900nm)
  • Laser Spectroscopy (LIBS & LIF)
  • Ground Penetration Radar (GPR)

Informational Databases and Archives Digitization

  • Synthesis on laser cleaning protocols on organic and inorganic materials
  • Thematic literature forms
  • Thematic atlases of specific materials behavior