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World Wide Open Workshop with Advanced Techniques for Cultural Heritage

Duration: 2012-2016

  • Partners:
    • Coordinator: National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics INOE 2000
    • Partner 1 : National University of Arts Bucharest
    • Partner 2 : S.C. Marcont SRL
    • Short summary

      • An open laboratory, or an open restoration workshop (studio) that benefits by updated technical and scientific assistance is a huge step simultaneously forward:
        • A modern and harmonized education and training & a platform for early stage common experiments.
        • An effective exploitation of the scientific infrastructure.
        • An extended user-network and an instrument for know-how transfer in European and in extra-European regions.
        • A catalyzer for high-specialized services commitments, particularly in extra-European areas.

      Almost all the scientific equipment and installations are now accessible and controlled by dedicated computers. In this category there are many important and already recommended fast techniques of investigation based on non-contact, non or micro invasive methods, which do not request samples preparation and do not involve long time processes. Associated costs for specific investigations and/or interventions could be high themselves, but they could exclude several other investigations or phases of intervention and finally bring even economical improvements. Overall, many elaborated methods and instrumentations could be the unique solution in advanced deteriorated objects, for fragile, very precious surfaces etc.

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