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Development of advanced compatible materials and techniques and their application for the protection, conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage assets

Duration: 2012-2016

  • Partners:
    • Coordinator : National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics INOE 2000
    • Partner 1 : National Research and Development Institute for Textile and Leather INCDTP
    • Partner 2 : The National Museum of Romanian Peasant MNTR
    • Short summary

      MYTHOS proposes to obtain reference materials using biotechnological tools intented for developing novel ways of conservation and restoration of European textile artefacts.

      The set of reference materials will be useful for national and international cultural organizations (museums, restoration centres, ministries of culture, education centres etc.) within Europe, since they will have similar biological and technical characteristics as the ancient textiles, based on hemp (Canabis sp.) and flax (Linum sp.) fibres.

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