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Folkloric Multimedia Deposit

Duration: 2012-2016

  • Partners:
    • Coordinator : Institute of Folk and Ethnography ”C. Brăiloiu” Romanian Academy
    • Partener 1 : National Research and Development Institute for Textile and Leather INCDTP
    • Short summary

      This project plans to organize and implement in The Romanian Academy’s Institute of Folk and Ethnography “Constantin Brăiloiu” a new form of a modern archive, that will conform to a strict risk assessment plan, in order to assure the collection’s viability and increase its visibility.

      The project has several executive actions, as follows:

      • Besides the fact that proposes a great preservation sollution for archive documents, one of the main purposes consists in introducing a great collection into the world cultural heritage list, since it is composed of oral folk recordings on paper, wax cylinders and magnetic band film, made by great Romanian researchers, recognized world-wide, such as Constantin Brăiloiu, Harry Brauner etc.
      • The collection value will be increased, since till now all the items were not looked at as enduring values, but just as means of preserving folk and ethnographic Romanian Culture.
      • It will apply the best practice guidelines associated with the experience accumulated from similar collections on international level and corroborated with the experience of a pluri-disciplinary team formed of conservators, ethnographers, scientists and architects - taking into consideration creating the best conservation environment.
      • It will provide a reprezentative archive facility – a pilot application that should become a model to implement in similar locations, emphasizing sustainable preservation strategies.
      • The proposed facility will technically assure a broaden access to the archive collection, with minimum risks, and will help enlighten a collection that was very poorly known and exploited so far.
      • It will facilitate its access to an European network of similar multimedia collections, along with Les Archives internationales de musique populaire (AIMP) from Geneva, Switzerland, British Council Folk Archive Museum, The National Archives from Hague or Technical Museum from Vinenna, Austria, just to mention a few.

      You can check the project's website here: .

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