International investigation campaign in Spain

National Institute of Research and Development in Optoelectronics INOE2000 in partnership with the University "Pablo de Olavide" - Department of Natural Sciences, in Seville, Spain, announces the beginning of the investigative international campaign by physico-chemical means in advanced optoelectronics research, which will be hosted from 5 to 15 October 2016 in Cordoba, Seville and Valencia. The research team from the National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics – Center of Excellence for Restoration by Optoelectronic Techniques (CERTO-INOE) is directly involved in the project and it will work with the most advanced investigation techniques, characterization and multilayer digitization available in the mobile laboratory ART4ART.

Working points

  • Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Cordoba - 1492 (Mezquita - the former mosque of Cordoba, 711)
  • Apostles' Gate - Valencia (XIV century)
  • St. Marina Church, Seville (1265)

INOE delivers to the public the most spectacular and enduring proof of performance reached by optoelectronics applications in investigation and preservation of cultural heritage reflected by the faithful reconstruction of one of the examined monuments in Dobrogea. Due methods optoelectronic methods which allow physico-chemical, non-contact, non-destructive and fast-response analysis which are perfectly functional on archaeological sites, restoration or in galleries and museums, INOE has created and perfected over the past decade the most comprehensive mobile laboratory for scientific research with application in conservation-restoration. The outstanding results were obtained by direct use of the ART4ART laboratory, carried out in 2007 and permanently improved by researchers at INOE. The laboratory was designed to help restorers and archaeologists in making decisions and in applying optimal procedures it can act as a heritage ambulance because it demonstrated and functionality on many sites at home and abroad (Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanta, National History Museum Romania, Humor monasteries, Tismana, Bulgaria, Slovenia, India, etc).

Involved partners

INOE 2000 - CERTO department

For nearly 20 years CERTO department is in charge of advanced research in the field investigation techniques and physico-chemical characterization characterization for the restoration and preservation of works of art as well as archaeological research. The department gained significant experience in multidisciplinary projects for laboratory analysis and in situ works executed in collaboration with teams of restorers, archaeologists, museums, religious monuments which led to building his reputation at home and abroad. It is the initiator and coordinator of the first European projects proposed by Romania in Eureka and COST programs, the first laboratories in the EU Culture Programs. There where achieved significant results: investigation methods of non-contact, non-invasive or micro-invasive for remote diagnostics ecological interventions in real-time control and monitoring a long-term microclimate and also assessing the behavior of new materials for artists and restorers. By collating methods of "intelligent query" object or monument, INOE is permanently improving the digital multilayer model, an extremely useful aspect in the scientifical documentation, developing strategies for conservation and restoration.

"Pablo de Olavide" University in Seville, Spain - "Sistemas Pile, Químicos y Naturales” department

"Sistemas Pile, Químicos y Naturales” is an appreciated participant in European projects on the methods and techniques of investigation-diagnosis for restoration-conservation and also recognized for the ability to transfer results in practice.

University teachers and researchers - specialists in historical restoration and stone constructions have collaborated in recent years with INOE and drafted the research and validation of methods perfected in the laboratory.

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