Field campaigns: Peles castle and "Ansamblul Eroilor"

Last couple of weeks were quite busy for us while being away from our laboratory. We were involved in two field campaigns at Peles Castle from Sinaia (29 June - 04 July) and at Ansamblul Eroilor in the city of Targu Jiu (13 July - 24 July). The campaign from Peles Castle was aimed at the investigation of a 17-th century Ruckers - Taskin harpsichord. At "Ansamblul Eroilor" from Targu Jiu we investigated the Kiss Gate, Endless Column, The Silence Table.

Peles Castle campaign (29.06 - 04.07)

On the 17-th century harpischord there were made several non-invasive investigations such as: 3D laser scanning, Laser Doppler Vibrometry, XRF, Digital Microscopy, Multispectral imaging. All these data will be included in a digital information package.


"Ansamblul Eroilor" from Targu Jiu

Due to the high cultural value and the complexity of the Constantin Brancusi "Ansamblul Eroilor", an investigation strategy was employed.


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