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    Response of the endless column under wind action

    Titlu articol: Response of the endless column under wind action

    Autori: H. Yamada

    Nume revista: Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures

    Numar: 2005

    ISSN: 1028-365X

    Data aparitiei:September 2005

    Cuvinte cheie: Endless column, wind tunnel experiment, aerodynamic characteristics


    Endless Column is one of the most beautiful and intriguing sculptures of modern art movement. Construncted in 1938 by an engineer team leaded by Georgescu and under direct direct supervision and design of its author C. Brancusi, the column stays in Tg Jiu, Romania, as a commemorative monument for the victims of the First World War. It’s amazing stability against wind challenged many researchers to conduct a detailed study and to express technical opinions which could explain the exact cause of Endless Column’s “aeroelastic indifference”. Complete tests were carried out in October 2004, in the Wind Tunner Labortory of Yokohama National Univerity, including sectional two dimensional and aeroelastic semi rigid tests in smooth and turbulent flow for various angles of attack and wind speeds


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